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More connections between Kojima & The Phantom Pain

In case you haven’t been following Konami VP and MGS creator Hideo Kojima on Twitter, he posted a photo of a video he’s editing. On his computer screen we can see several details which hint towards his involvement with the elusive Phantom Pain game. You can see the file name in the window he’s working on has “TPP” and then GDC. This could very easily mean The [ Read More... ]

A bandaged Joakim Mogren talks Phantom Pain in new interview

bandaged Joakim Mogren talks Phantom Pain in new interview

The strange interview begins with Geoff Keighley of Game Trailers TV asking Joakim Mogren, head of Moby Dick Studios, why his face is completely wrapped in bandages. Joakim explains in a vaguely swedish accent it was because of an accident but he will be recovered in time for GDC. Coincidentally, the Phantom Pain trailer which was debuted last year starts off with a character who’s face is covered … [ Read More... ]

The Phantom Pain Site Updated; Joakim Mogren says “unlikely” to appear at Sony’s show tonight

Remember all the zaniness that is Joakim Mogren & Moby Dick Studios making a game called The Phantom Pain? Yeah, the one everyone thinks is Metal Gear Solid 5. Well, Joakim Mogren posted on social media today to let us know that we probably won’t see The Phantom Pain tonight on the Playstation Meeting 2013 event. Given the strange nature of this whole situation,  I say thats … [ Read More... ]

Kojima Productions Job Listing Hints at Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on PC

Kojima Productions Job Listing Hints at Metal Gear Solid- Ground Zeroes on PC

Kojima Productions has posted job openings for artists, engineers and other positions. The listing specifically says it’s for the “latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC.” Kojima Productions will be at GDC looking for new candidates.

This basically says that either Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes or Kojima Productions will be on PC for sure, although Konami and Kojima Productions have not announced this publicly.… [ Read More... ]