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Doom Beta Review from an Old Doomer + Screenshots + Gameplay Video

This past weekend, I got to try out the Doom Beta, finally. The beta offered us a small sampling of Doom 2016‘s multiplayer gameplay. While the main game is being developed by Id Software, the multiplayer mode has been made in conjunction with Certain Affinity. This group has a lot of experience with console multiplayer giants such as Halo and COD: Black Ops. The demo … [ Read More... ]

Got a crappy computer? Play the original Quake with the Oculus Rift

If you’re like me (and I apologize in advance if you are), you were an early adopter of the awesome Oculus Rift SDK (I don’t apologize for this because it’s incredible). You bought the dev kit for the purpose of research and development. Awesome right? Yeah, until you remembered you’re running a 2009 Macbook Pro with 256mb of VRAM (or similar outdated hardware). Short of the simple (but effective) “Tuscany … [ Read More... ]

Quake: New cross-platform level editor TrenchBroom

trenchbroom mac pc quake level map editor

If you played FPS’s in the 90’s, theres a good chance that you’ve dabbled in map editing and level design. Many games had easily available map editors such as Quake, and some even included it, like Unreal. Sadly, most of those tools are antiquated, no longer updated, or simply don’t work anymore. I found this brand new level editor called TrenchBroom for id Software’s 1996 classic, Quake via John Carmack’s [ Read More... ]

Grab an official Quake & Doom Shirt on Bethesda’s brand new online store

In the old PC days of gaming, we were starved of awesome merchandise; and whenever there was merch, it was extremely limited edition. Here’s your chance to wear your video games on your chest and get some official id Software and Bethesda shirts. There’s actually quite a bit of stuff on the store including a Skyrim statue, Dishonored tee-shirts, and Fallout sneakers.

Check out these simple, but great Quake and … [ Read More... ]