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Cover Art: Einhänder (Playstation)

Squaresoft usually makes people think of RPGs, but they also made a superb shmup called Einhänder for the Sony Playstation. This artwork is simple and is from the Japanese version of the game released in 1997. It’s also seen as the title screen artwork. The US version has a 3D rendered ship.

Basically, you get the joy of Square production values from the 90s combined with a fun and … [ Read More... ]

Final Fantasy developer of nearly 30 years, Hiromichi Tanaka, resigns from Square Enix

Final Fantasy series game developer Hiromichi Tanaka has just stepped down from his position at Square Enix and resigned from the company. He announced this news at Vana Festa 2012, which was a 10 year anniversary celebration of the release of Final Fantasy XI right after he announced the new expansion pack for the game, Final Fantasy XI Seekers of Adoulin. Final Fantasy XI is reportedly the most [ Read More... ]

E3: Sleeping Dogs

A new very cool looking game is on the horizon, Sleeping Dogs. Square-Enix and United Front games are making a brand new crime drama game, following the Triads. You’ll be playing an undercover cop who’s joined a Triad in hopes of bringing them down. It seems you’re in a deep cover role, and your fellow cops are worried that perhaps you’re too deep under cover. This game looks promising with … [ Read More... ]