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Gabe Newell Reveals Details About Valve’s Steam Box

Valve Gabe Newell Steam Box Details

Valve president Gabe Newell shed light on the much anticipated Steam Box at this year’s CES, and yes, he called it a Steam Box. Despite initial predictions that the Steam Box would be a home console, instead it’s a line of streamlined gaming PCs designed to integrate with your TV. Interestingly, it will run Linux and be completely open source which shouldn’t come as a surprise given Gabe [ Read More... ]

Valve unveils Steam TV aka Big Picture Mode Beta

Valve is launching a beta test for its new Steam service called Big Picture mode. This version of Steam will allow you to play your Steam games directly on your television. In their hands on preview, Kotaku reports that it is “sleek, intuitive, and groundbreaking in several ways.”

Watch Valve’s Big Picture trailer here…

Steam Big Picture features a brand new interface, specifically designed for viewing on your … [ Read More... ]