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Steam Box: Piston price & Release date

Piston Steam Box x13

Xi3, the company that Valve backed for compact computer development has announced the price of Piston, it’s first unofficial Steam Box. It’s scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release date, with a price of $999.99. If you preorder Piston before March 18, 2013 you can get it for $900. Piston is a compact, Linux based gaming PC that is especially designed to work with Steam’s Big [ Read More... ]

Gabe Newell Reveals Details About Valve’s Steam Box

Valve Gabe Newell Steam Box Details

Valve president Gabe Newell shed light on the much anticipated Steam Box at this year’s CES, and yes, he called it a Steam Box. Despite initial predictions that the Steam Box would be a home console, instead it’s a line of streamlined gaming PCs designed to integrate with your TV. Interestingly, it will run Linux and be completely open source which shouldn’t come as a surprise given Gabe [ Read More... ]