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4 New Games Officially Greenlit by Steam


Okay, so we all know what Steam is, right? It’s a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform (which was developed by the Valve Corporation). Steam also listens to their community and reaches out to certain (lucky) developers to start moving towards the Steam Community, too. Pretty cool, am I right? Anyways today Steam Greenlit 4 new titles…

Edge of Space is an … [ Read More... ]

Steam: Early Access Games let’s you play betas and alphas of games

You heard right, Steam is now letting you buy a game while it’s being created AND play it. Most recently, Arma 3 Alpha was released for sale by Bohemia Interactive at a low introductory price. This enables you to play Arma 3 now and be a part of the testing community, providing feedback to improve the game. Now they’ve joined up with Valve’s Steam online game store to let you … [ Read More... ]

[UPDATE] Valve’s Team Fortress 2 to officially support Oculus Rift VR HMD next week

TF2 VR Oculus Rift Valve

In a totally expected (and appreciated) move, Valve will be releasing an update for Team Fortress 2 which will officially add support for Oculus’ Rift virtual reality head mounted display. It’s good news after the announcement that the VR headset will not have Doom 3 BFG Edition support out of the box. Furthermore, Valve is also going to be releasing a hat for TF2 that will indicate VR users.

Valve Joe Ludwig Oculus Rift 1

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Steam Box: Piston price & Release date

Piston Steam Box x13

Xi3, the company that Valve backed for compact computer development has announced the price of Piston, it’s first unofficial Steam Box. It’s scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release date, with a price of $999.99. If you preorder Piston before March 18, 2013 you can get it for $900. Piston is a compact, Linux based gaming PC that is especially designed to work with Steam’s Big [ Read More... ]