E3 2012: Nintendo Announces the Wii U, Pro Controller and Online Service

Nintendo officially announced the Wii U at its pre E3 press conference… Below you can see what the official production model will look like.

Here is a list of the Wii U feature highlights:

  • Touchscreen
  • Physical game controller buttons and joysticks
  • NFC
  • IR controls for TV
  • Optional Pro controller
  • Online Service
  • Customizable avatars (Mii Wara Wara aka Miiverse)
  • User interactivity
  • Web browsing capabilities

As noted above, there will be a Wii U Pro Controller available for gamers who want a more functional and ergonomic controller.

Similarities can instantly be drawn to the Xbox360 and PS3 controller both in form and function. Of course, its also worth noting that pretty much all modern controller designs are derived from the SNES controller (and the Dreamcast!)

Furthermore, Nintendo is clearly trying to focus on internet integration on the Wii U, with a heavy focus on social communication between gamers. Nintendo has not revealed much on the specific functions of this service yet.

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