Has The Last Guadian been cancelled?

According to the president of Sony Worldwide, Shuhei Yoshida, “When we have confidence in saying that, we will talk about it. But today, we are working through some engineering effort.”

These are chilling words to hear about such an anticipated and desired game. The Last Guardian team has experienced quite a bit of shake up after last years mysterious falling out between Sony and Team Ico leader Fumito Ueda. Since then Sony has made statements that the game is still under his guidance and will be completed. That is until this year’s E3.Very little was revealed regarding the titles current status other than this quote from Yoshida, “The team is back in Tokyo working hard, and there are some technical difficulties that the team is focused on right now. That’s why we don’t have an update.

When pressed further for information about the release of third title in the ICO series he confirmed that it will not be a Playstation 4 release title. Amazon still lists The Last Guardian release date as December 31st, 2012.

Check out this trailer from E3 2010:


Our message to Sony:

Don’t cancel it… give them time… it will be worth it. 

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