As you all know, we’re gonna be at Quake Con. One of the awesome looking games that will be on display there is Dishonored, from Developer Arkane Studios. This game really will have some power house skill working on it. To name a few, Harvey Smith, notable for his work on the Deus Ex series, Viktor Antonov, who designed City 17 in Half Life 2, and Raf Colantonio, the founder of Arkane, who worked on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Their influences are definitely visible in this game as you’ll see below:


Yes this game is shaping up to be something else, with the use of various weapons and powers. A clean mix of stealth and action gameplay, allowing you to choose between being an elite assassin, or a psychopathic slasher.


This game also features a very cool steam punk motif, that doesn’t feel like the way over done kind of steam punk either. A variety of cool enemies, and assignments will keep you busy as you take down your targets.


Look forward to Dishonored’s release in October, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.



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