BioWare tweeted Mass Effect 3 DLC Teaser

MassEffect3DLCTeaserMass Effect 3, an action RPG for Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3, and WiiU, could have yet another DLC pack on the way. Back in December of 2012, Bioware had teased that the next single player expansion for Mass Effect 3 would be an “all hands on deck” one. Today, BioWare producers Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson tweeted two teaser pictures for Mass Effect 3. The DLC will possibly feature a vibrant casino type setting that Casey Hudson said “Looks like a nice place for some R&R…” in his one tweet.  While the second image shows an armored Krogan carrying a large and heavy looking melee weapon Mike Gamble said “Does not like a guy you’d like to mess with…” in his tweetMass Effect chief composer Sam Hulick has also showed he will contribute to the new DLC after he had no involvement with Mass Effect 3’s DLC Leviathan and DLC Omega. Seth Green, whom already has played the voice of  Normandy pilot Joker, will also be returning again for this Mass Effect 3 DLC .



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