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How to Use Your Wii U GamePad on Your PC


Chris Manning has transformed Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad into a PC friendly device. The video below shows how you can re-map the GamePad to almost anything needed for a game’s input.. If you can configure the code you could use it for most contemporary titles as well, even the Dolphin emulator.

Here is his video of the  Wii U GamePad in action (playing Zelda)..

In his description he states … [ Read More... ]

BioWare tweeted Mass Effect 3 DLC Teaser

MassEffect3DLCTeaserMass Effect 3, an action RPG for Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3, and WiiU, could have yet another DLC pack on the way. Back in December of 2012, Bioware had teased that the next single player expansion for Mass Effect 3 would be an “all hands on deck” one. Today, BioWare producers Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson tweeted two teaser pictures for Mass Effect 3[ Read More... ]

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 Sold 270k by the End of 2012… Will There Be an Epic Mickey 3?


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two earned decent reviews upon its release back in November 2012. Epic Mickey 2 is available on WiiU, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, and PC. It received praise for Epic Mickey 2‘s story and surprises, but got some negatives from its jumping mechanics and of course your ‘wonderful’  partner Oswald. However it sold 1 million fewer copies than … [ Read More... ]

WiiU: ZombiU, a possible system seller?


So who here likes to kill zombies? Yeah, I figured you might. Well then you should be as psyched as I am about the Ubisoft’s new zombie game called, ZombiU. This game is being released as a Wii U exclusive title. Ubisoft made quite a splash at E3 and are even being called the new EA or Activision as a major 3rd party game company, putting out AAA[ Read More... ]