Latest Patch for Dead or Alive 5 Adds Extra Boob Bouncing Fun?


Yes, you read correct! Team Ninja, in their lastest patch update for DOA 5, added in a secret little easter egg (as well as improve the overall gameplay.) The easter egg for Dead or Alive 5 is obviously going to be something including breasts. Ahhh, Team Ninja. In this Easter Egg when you win a fight you can shake your PS3 controller to…. You guessed it… Shake the girl’s boobies around..! Although myself as a female, I must say the bouncing is much much more realistic than in other Dead Or Alives. (DOAX2 physics anyone?)  However as much as I try. I can’t seem to make my boobs bounce without moving? Weird. It seems gravity must be broken in real life, or possibly in the game? Oh, damn those gravity defying breasts! Seemingly the boob control is so amazing someone even made a 6-minute video on youtube just for boob-erific enjoyment. I burst out into laughter at this one, but it’s also known that now I must test the feature next time I play. And don’t forget to remember all these boob enhancements are just for fans as Yohei Shimbori stated back in September of 2012. Team Ninja, please don’t forget to add some free clothes next time, too. You can download 1.03A patch for DOA 5 on Sony Playstation Network, and for those with Xbox360 it should hopefully, be out soon.

Here is the six minute video of Dead or Alive 5’s 1.03A patch Easter Egg

I have a quick message to Team Ninja and fans alike..
What I think they should do is add in a character creation mode. It would be so rad to do! I mean, give the character creation mode the ability to ‘enhance’ body features like oh I don’t know… Bust, waist, hips, and heights? Give a variety of faces and what not. I was so happy back when Namco’s Soul Calibur 3 added character creation, and the only good part to Soul Calibur 5 is the character creation (and all of the wonderful body types and customization). Think about how amazing it would be to create your own DOA girl. Come on Team Ninja… Throw in character creation for all your darling fans?


Kotaku / Team Ninja DOA5 patch list

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