VR Treadmill let’s you walk around in the world of Skyrim

skyrim vr treadmill 2

With devices like the Oculus’ Rift coming out, Skyrim fan’s must be excited to get to walk around and look around in the game. “Virtual reality is the future.” That’s what Virtuix says; and it looks like they’re dead set on it. Check out this very cool video of someone playing Skyrim on a virtual reality, multidirectional treadmill. The head tracking looks decent, and the walking looks impressive.

Their device is called the Omni. It’s a multidirectional treadmill that somehow uses Microsoft’s Kinect for motion tracking. Somewhere along the line is also a HMD. Imagine how many calories you could burn walking around open world games such as Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto.

skyrim vr treadmill 1

There aren’t any real details on this device yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Virtuix says they are preparing a Kickstarter campaign.

Virtuix Omni Official Site

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