Shadowrun Returns DLC and DRM explained

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is the upcoming cyberpunk RPG by Harebrained Schemes. It was funded via a Kickstarter earning over $1.8 million. The Shadowrun Returns team breaks down the details of how it will be delivering both the Steam version and non DRM version.

  • “To reiterate, our Backers don’t have to choose a DRM-free version of the game or a Steam version of the game. You get both. 
  • Backers who want a DRM-free experience with Shadowrun Returns (on Windows, OSX, and Linux) are getting the game, editor and all, and will be able to transfer community-created story files and update executables manually. (It works just like a non-Steam version of Skyrim: you can install mods manually or via a 3rd-party tool such as Nexus.) The DRM-free version will not require any internet connection or any form of online authorization to play. In addition, Backers who like the convenience and reliability of Steam and who want automatic updates, easy-to-browse content, and a DLC store are getting them. 
  • We said that post-Berlin Campaign DLC would only be available on Steam but we never said why. We regret the omission. The reason is that our license to developShadowrun Returns actually requires that the game and its DLC be distributed under DRM. This didn’t come up earlier because the situation was complicated by the number of parties involved in the license and because the process was “ongoing”. Ultimately, we were able to successfully negotiate an exception with Microsoft for us to provide our Backers with a DRM-free version of the Kickstarter rewards (specifically the game and the Berlin Campaign) but that exception does not extend to non-reward DLC. So unfortunately, we cannot sell or give away DRM-free versions of the game or DLC on stores like GoG, and that’s why any futureShadowrun Returns DLC will only be available for purchase on Steam. 
  • We will be updating/bugfixing the DRM-free versions (Windows, OSX, and Linux) of Shadowrun Returns, maintaining them along with the Steam versions. These updates will require Backers to re-download the game from the Harebrained Account Website, since it will not include auto-patching functionality. “

They also included this nifty table to summarize what is included with Shadowrun Returns for the 2 different versions…
Shadowrun Returns DLC Free vs Steam

Shadowrun Returns is scheduled for a release date some time in June 2013.

Shadowrun Returns official site


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