UFC fighters who train with Tekken

Fighting games such as Tekken have been popular since the mid-90s, and obviously preforming the insane moves from games is great fun for fans. I mean what teenager doesn’t want to do the wicked Phoenix Smasher? What 12 year-old doesn’t karate chop their mother’s plant? Its a great fighting lesson and that plant deserved it. However, a few also do it professionally.

Uriah Hall is a Jamaican MMA fighter who is a UFC finalist. He explains that in his early fighting days he was inspired by Tekken and practiced a lot of the moves on his own. His trainer explains that those were basically the only moves that he knew.

UFC MMA fighter finalist Uriah Hall Tekken moves

“I would play that video game [Tekken] so much, and you know, I would go into practice mode and I would have the character, the computer, just spare with me back and forth almost like regular training. And you know, I would just keep playing until I see something that I do or I like and just pick up on it. And for me, I don’t know, visually it was almost like my body adjusted to it. So when I started to spar, moves that I would see, it would just come back like that. It’s something I couldn’t explain. Everytime I would see a cool move in Tekken man, I would just practice it till I got good at it. And when I do it in training, they’d be like what the hell was that.”

Anderson Silva needs no introduction since he’s the current and longest reigning middleweight champion. He’s used Boxing, Muay Thai, and even Capoeira to win his fights. One of his inspirations was of course Tekken.

anderson silva tekken moves victory mma ufc champion

“My children are who play the game most of the UFC. I play Tekken and I’ve taken too many techniques there, who worked and work today”

These are two badass dudes who have inspiration from fighting games.  Do you guys know any real life fighters who learned from the virtual ones?


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