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Arma 3 PC System Requirements & Max Settings Graphics

PC gamers have long held the Arma series as a quality, realistic military FPS. Arma II was also the home of the smash hit mod, DayZBohemia Interactive is at it again, with Arma III for the PC. It’s being built upon the latest version of Real Virtuality (Real Virtuality 4), Bohemia Interactive’s proprietary graphics engine. Besides numerous graphical upgrades, Arma III will also include an … [ Read More... ]

COOL MODS: Day Z Goes Official

Day Z is all about survival… and zombies. This is a game where you have to manage food and water, keep an eye on injuries, even your character’s pain threshold, bandits, transportation, sleep, and, of course, zombies.

Its a free mod of Arma II, the game made by Czech developer Bohemia Interactive. Day Z is made by Dean Hall, who is an employee … [ Read More... ]