COOL MODS: Day Z Goes Official

Day Z is all about survival… and zombies. This is a game where you have to manage food and water, keep an eye on injuries, even your character’s pain threshold, bandits, transportation, sleep, and, of course, zombies.

Its a free mod of Arma II, the game made by Czech developer Bohemia Interactive. Day Z is made by Dean Hall, who is an employee of Bohemia Interactive. The system requirements are fairly low considering, since it only runs on Arma II. Day Z has also been optimized for online play and has sections of its code completely rewritten to allow for all the Zombies.

You’ll spend a lot of time collecting stuff including car parts, because in this mod vehicles break down and can be repaired. Like in an actual survival situation. Of course,not everyone is a friendly zombie killer, looking to regroup with his fellow man and build a pillow fort. There are going to be Bandits, which are kinda like PKs from Diablo. These guys roll around killing other players to jack your stuff. Of course, if you kill the bandits first, you get to jack their stuff instead.

Its also important to understand that this mod is an Alpha, so be kind and understand its gonna have bugs.

The big news is that Day Z is officially being released as a standalone game. Think like a Counter Strike / Half-Life type of thing. This is great news as it already has over 1 million players!

You can read the official announcement on the DAY Z Dev team blog here. 

You can find Day Z at:


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