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Today I’ll be telling you all about a nice retro-inspired game I found, Magic Steel.


Platform: Flash

Idea: 3:5
An oldskool Action Platformer, using classic design, and a simple level up system. You have 5 basic parts to level up: Magic Attack, Mana, Shield, Fire Rate, & Jump Booster.

Graphics: 3.5:5
Enemy design consists of standard anime mechs, done up as classic 16-bit sprites

SoundDesign: … [ Read More... ]

Cheap Thrills: “Last Stand: Union City”

Hello you cheap sons-o-bitches,

We know as gamers, we love to play games. Unfortunately this means having to work, so that we have more money to buy more games. However, this cuts into our precious game time. So from now on, We’re going to be posting some fun free games to play, so that you can get your game on (kinda like a free tour), without having to kill your … [ Read More... ]