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Cover Art: Street Fighter II’ Special Championship Edition

Arguably the inferior port of Capcom’s Street Fighter II Turbo in the 90s was on the Sega Genesis, but without a doubt it had an awesome cover that was different from its SNES counterpart.


One thing that was special about this version of Street Fighter II was that you could play with 10 star turbo by default. It’s about ridiculous as it gets. Good times…

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Cover Art: Megaman on theTT NES (US release)

Hey everybody,

Imagine walking into a modern game store and asking to buy this…


Yeah…. That’s embarrassing.. although still slightly less suspect than buying a game with a young boy in tights and go-go boots.

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Cover Art: Doom (Playstation)

Although not as iconic as the PC DOS artwork for Doom, the Playstation version of Doom had some pretty bad ass art.

As a whole, this port of Doom is considered inferior although it had some minor graphical upgrades such as colored lighting. Otherwise, larger levels were cut or modified to fit the technical limits of the PS1 along with reduced quality textures.

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COVER ART: Super Contra (Famicom)

Check out the Japanese art for Konami’s Super Contra on the Nintendo Famicom.

Super Contra was originally an arcade game released in 1988. It was later adapted and ported for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. In the US, the NES version is titled Super C, and in Europe it was called Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces.

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