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Konami begins using Fox Engine for next gen games starting with PES 2014

Although we don’t normal cover sports games, we’ll make this exception due to the use of Kojima Production’s Fox Engine. For those out of the loop, it’s the graphics and game engine debuted by Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. It’s the one he said will challenge western graphics engines. The first non-Kojima game that has been revealed to use the engine will be Pro Evolution [ Read More... ]

A bandaged Joakim Mogren talks Phantom Pain in new interview

bandaged Joakim Mogren talks Phantom Pain in new interview

The strange interview begins with Geoff Keighley of Game Trailers TV asking Joakim Mogren, head of Moby Dick Studios, why his face is completely wrapped in bandages. Joakim explains in a vaguely swedish accent it was because of an accident but he will be recovered in time for GDC. Coincidentally, the Phantom Pain trailer which was debuted last year starts off with a character who’s face is covered … [ Read More... ]

Top 5 Game Developers To Watch in 2013

Happy New Year! This is our list of Top 5 Game Developers To Watch in 2013! These game developers make some of our favorite games and we’re excited to see what they will be showing off this year. 2012 was a great year, so lets get 2013 kicked off!

1 Kojima Productions
Why? Metal Gear. Yep. It’s one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. With a fancy … [ Read More... ]

Top 5 New Gaming Technologies of 2012

Top 5 New Gaming Technologies of 2012

2012 was a big year for gaming technology. While there haven’t been a ton of technological advancements completed, quite a few have now been publicly shown or advanced considerably. We take a look at our favorite gaming technologies shown off in 2012.

1 Oculus Rift Prototype (from Oculus VR)
Why? Oculus VR & Palmer Luckey showed us the first enjoyable and emersive virtual reality experience this year. Low … [ Read More... ]