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This 8-Bit Style Riot Sim looks pretty rad

8-Bit Riot Sim looks pretty rad 5

This actually looks pretty interesting. From a gameplay perspective, RIOT looks to be somewhat of a real time strategy game. The graphics and presentation look clean and understandable despite having retro-like 8-bit style graphics. You can pick one of 2 sides… the rioters or the riot police. RIOT is being developed by Leonard Lenny from Florence, Italy on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC.

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Do you believe in Linux gaming? GarageGames is letting you prove it.

GarageGames Indiegogo Torque 3D Port to Linux

Thanks to the wonders of crowd funding, gamers now have a special opportunity to support what they believe in with cash. It also gives companies the ability to go down risky or interesting avenues without losing any money. GarageGames is looking for funding for their popular Torque 3D game engine to Linux. Not just the ability to play those games on Linux… but the ability to actually build … [ Read More... ]