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Mark Cerny reveals more PS4 specs & features

Mark Cerny PS4 System Architect

Legendary game designer and soon to be legendary system architect Mark Cerny revealed various details about Sony’s Playstation 4. Not only did he lay out some of the PS4‘s technical specs but also dug into how the various features of the system will work together. Furthermore, he explained how the hardware on the PS4 is designed to reduce bottlenecking and provide long term power for developers who use … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo reorganizes: Iwata promoted to CEO of NoA, Kimishima promoted back to Japan, Reggie stays put


Nintendo announced several changes in it’s corporate structure. Along with the retirement of Yoshihiro Mori and Masaharu Matsumoto, who filled the roles of general manager of Corporate Analysis and Administration, and general manager of the General Affairs Division, have been succeeded by Tatsumi Kimishima, the current chairman and CEO of Nintendo of America (NOA) and a director of its parent Nintendo Co., Ltd. In his … [ Read More... ]

Arc System Works working on a new fighting game IP for PS4

ark systemworks guilty gear blazblue ps4

If you like 2D fighters, chances are you’re familiar with Arc System Works and it’s lineage of fighters like Guilty Gear X and BlazblueBlazblue Director Toshimichi Mori explained to Japanese magazine Dengeki that he’s looking forward to the PS4 although has his reservations about development cost. He is also interested in the use of the Playstation 4‘s Share button although wonders if less “connected” countries will lose … [ Read More... ]

Criterion Games: No Burnout, No NFS, No Black… something new

Criterion Games Burnout Paradise

Via a series of tweets from Criterion Games creative director Alex Ward, the studio is currently working on a secret project. He set fair expectations to fans who were waiting for sequels of past Criterion games like Burnout, Black and Need for Speed. Ward explained that the time isn’t right for those titles. He even rested rumors about Criterion working on a new Road Rash game. Furthermore, … [ Read More... ]