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Tactical Intervention PC System Requirements + Graphics Screens & Video

Tactical Intervention System Requirements Graphics Screenshot 1

Tactical Intervention, the so called spiritual sequel to Counter-Strike, is about to release in the United States. This brand new PC game from Gooseman, the creator of Counter-Strike, runs on Valve’s Source engine, similar to CS:GO. It pushes the boundaries of tactical FPS’s by adding new gameplay and scenarios. There’s also a focus on user interaction in the levels, with almost all objects destroyable. Find … [ Read More... ]

From the Co-Creator of Counter-Strike: Tactical Intervention

Counter-Strike is a great game and many still play it. Heck, we even recommended it recently in our “Top 5 Cheap Online Multiplayer FPS” list. Well, get ready for the next level. It’s called Tactical Intervention and it’s being made by one of the creators of Counter-Strike. Did we mention it looks awesome? Yeah, it’s a lot like Counter-Strike except way more modern and really action packed. … [ Read More... ]