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Interview: Tom Hall, Owner Of Pieces of Fun & Co-Founder of Id Software

Interview Tom Hall Owner Of Pieces of Fun Co Founder of Id Software
Photo Credit: Terri Hall

For many, Tom Hall is known as the co-founder of id Software and co-creator of the genre changing games, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Despite all that, a game he holds much more dearly to his heart is Commander Keen. Tom Hall spent the last decade doing everything from independent game design, to high profile mobile ports, to highly successful social game design. After a … [ Read More... ]

Co-Creator of Doom, Wolf3D & Commander Keen Tom Hall: MultiPlatform Game Creation Tool

Tom Hall Game Creation Tool Pieces of Fun Logo

Tom Hall has been in the game business for a while and although he’s not as well known as his former co-workers, he was equally important to the fun and character of early id Software games, most notably, Commander Keen & Wolfenstein 3D. He’s been working with his long time friend, John Romero, at Romero’s company Loot Drop. He recently started his own company, Pieces of Fun[ Read More... ]