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Silent Hill at Universal Studios Orlando & Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights

Here in America, we are used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to amusement parks and video games when compared to Japan. Blatant examples of this can be found in our recent post about Monster Hunter in Universal Studios Japan. Japan even has a theme park dedicated to Gundam… Fortunately, American fans can celebrate for the arrival of Silent Hill, the acclaimed … [ Read More... ]

Japan Get’s All the Monster Hunter Fun

2013 will hopefully bring us Monster Hunter 4, which currently is slated for the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. This is hard news for US Monster Hunter fans, which Capcom is apparently ignoring. Furthermore, its interesting to see that there is no announcement of Monster Hunter 4 on Sony Playstation Vita, especially considering the series started on Playstation family hardware.

Check out the Monster Hunter 4 [ Read More... ]