Dead or Alive 5 1.03 Update Downloadable Now

Dead or Alive 5 update

Playstation 3 owners can get their free DLC on with the latest update for Dead or Alive 5, version 1.03. Not only does it improve the game balance and correct bugs, but it also adds on a brand new stage… for free. It’s always nice to see developers like Team Ninja give back to the gamers.

Some of the balance adjustments include timing of moves, damage changes, and brand new moves. The new stage, Zack Island, can be downloaded for free after installing the update. There’s also a number of bug fixes and new features including improved online play, screenshot uploading directly to Facebook, and upoading videos to Facebook  & Youtube. You can get a complete list of Dead or Alive 5‘s changes on Team Ninja’s site.

Check out Zack’s Island stage in the trailer below. That water sure does look impressive.

Dead or Alive 5’s 1.03 update for PS3 came out on January 22, 2013, downloadable via PSN. It’s release date for Xbox 360 is January 29, 2013, downloadable via Xbox Live.

Official DOA 5 Site


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