Citizens of Earth aims to revive SNES RPG glory

When any game is likened to the cult classic Earthbound gamer’s ears will surely perk up. Announced at the Media Indie Exchange (the MIX) last week Canadian developers Eden Industries’ upcoming game, Citizens of Earth, is said to draw heavily from Nintendo’s quirky SNES RPG.

Citizens of Earth is a top-down RPG in which you take control of the Vice President of the World, and in order to save the world from some sort of wackiness, you recruit local townsfolk to join your party. The game is said to have more than 50 characters that can be recruited to fight alongside you with some examples given by the developers being: a barista who scalds enemies with coffee, a baker whom heals allies with his goods, or a clown like mascot that can cheer you on. With a character line up like that, and a glimpse at some of the screenshots provided at the MIX, it’s easy to see the Earthbound Influences.

The Fighting system in Citizens of Earth will be turn based as most classic RPGs were. Yet some “modern” RPG elements have been added as well, such as the ability to see you enemies on the map and on screen before going into battle. The game will also feature on online multiplayer mode.

Citizens of Earth screenshots

Citizens of Earth will be released in March of 2014 for Nintendo’s Wii U eShop, as well as on PC/Mac and iOS devices.

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