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Chip tunes and other nerd music

YouTube Talent: Castlevania – A Clockwork Vampire

A very nice piano rendition of some Castlevania classics.

Notes from the video description:

[Videogame Music]
Title:A Clockwork Vampire
Origin:Castlevania 1&3 / Dhsu OC Remix
Composer:Kinuyo Yamashita, H. Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, & Yukie Morimoto
Piano Arr:David Hsu (Dhsu)
Dedicated to:David Hsu (Dhsu)

Alex:BladeMaster-What an appropriate night for a Castlevania song (word play on Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest).

Kashino:KureziShinobi-Remixed by David Hsu, this song has been changed into a classical

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E3 2012: Snoop Dogg in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (WTF?)

Namco Bandai announced at its E3 2012 Event that Snoop Dogg will have a special stage inside Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The stage features Snoop Dogg watching the fight in a throne, surrounded by scantily clad dancers and a doberman. Pimptastic to say the least. Players (or “playa’s” if you will) who preorder the game at certain retailers will be able to have his stage unlocked early … [ Read More... ]

Rants: Cool Music to Blow Sh!t Up to

…And now for something completely different,

We did a segment on games with great music, this isn’t the opposite (necessarily), but this is when you don’t want the games music.

We’ve all played a lot of games where you run around blowing everything to high hell. Unfortunately, these games can sometimes have rather uninspired and just plain lame soundtracks. So, luckily the gods have seen fit to grant us … [ Read More... ]

Gunstar Heroes Remix

As some of you may have already picked up, we’re really big Sega Genesis nerds here… and one of our favorite games on that system is Gunstar Heroes. It’s an action side scroller shoot’em up created by Treasure, Inc… mostly composed of former staff from Konami’s Contra series.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the game courtesy of Moby Games:

 Chaos has broken out on the planet Gunstar-9!!

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