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SUDA 51 talks Killer Is Dead in brand new video interview

Suda 51 Killer Is Dead Sessler rev3

Adam Sessler of Rev3 Games posted a video interview with “punk rock” game developer, Suda 51. They discuss the direction and story of his latest game, Killer Is Dead. Suda 51 explains a bit about Mondo Zappa and his abilities, the background story of the world, and some of the parallels between Killer Is Dead and his past games including No More Heroes. He also explains Killer [ Read More... ]

What’s Adam Sessler Been Up To?

For many, Adam Sessler was a beacon of gaming logic and enthusiasm from the late 90s through the 2000s. He went from ZDTV to TechTV to G4… surviving company mergers and reorganizations. He co-hosted shows Gamespot TV, Extended Play and finally X-Play. Notable for enthusiastic personality and comical approach, he eventually left G4 and has kinda been off the grid since. Yesterday, G4 announced the cancellation of … [ Read More... ]