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What’s Adam Sessler Been Up To?

For many, Adam Sessler was a beacon of gaming logic and enthusiasm from the late 90s through the 2000s. He went from ZDTV to TechTV to G4… surviving company mergers and reorganizations. He co-hosted shows Gamespot TV, Extended Play and finally X-Play. Notable for enthusiastic personality and comical approach, he eventually left G4 and has kinda been off the grid since. Yesterday, G4 announced the cancellation of … [ Read More... ]

Rants: Forgot the PS Vita… WTF?


So they forget to show the PS Vita at E3, but they had time for Wonderbook….. Am I the only who thinks some heads should be rolling here? Then the other issue being that the Vita’s early line up does look a little weak, but I guess that is expected of a Sony system. Other issues the Vita will face in my not so humble opinion are … [ Read More... ]