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Official Multiplayer Gameplay for WATCH DOGS

Watch Dogs Official Multiplayer Gameplay

Here is the new WATCH DOGS multiplayer gameplay video. Here you can see the player track down another hacker by hacking into a camera, and you can also see what it would be like to hack someone in the multiplayer mode. In the WATCH DOGS multiplayer gameplay video you get a glimpse of the driving, too. Including how nicely rendered the vehicles as well as the npcs walking about, very … [ Read More... ]

Remember Me Release date and Gameplay Trailer Video

remember me capcom screenshot dotnod entertainment

The upcoming Capcom game ,Remember Me, is an Action-Adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, a new French video game developer. A lot of the guys who started  DONTNOD Entertainment used to work for Ubisoft, too. Remember Me‘s story looks pretty interesting.. It seems to be about an amnesiac woman called Nilin in Neo-Paris, 2084. She was a ‘Memory Hunter’, before she lost her memory, and … [ Read More... ]

Quake Con 2012: Dishonored Hands-On

We got our hands-on with Dishonored, Bethesda’s new game, being developed by Arkane Studios.

You play an assassin on his quest for revenge, and basically you get your revenge however you decide to. You can be a maniac going guns blazing, you can be a clean and efficient stealth assassin taking only the life of the target, or go anywhere in between. The game supplies you with various … [ Read More... ]