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Quakecon: Hands On With John Carmack and Palmer Luckey’s Future Machine

The Rift. A new frontier. A virtual reality head mounted display controller.

We were lucky enough to try out Oculus‘  Rift at this years Quakecon. On display were 2 demonstrations, one was called the “flying demo” which was basically Id Software’s Rage with flying and noclip turned on (allowing for free movement). The other demo was of Doom 3 BFG Edition, which of course displayed the … [ Read More... ]

Quake Con 2012: Dishonored Hands-On

We got our hands-on with Dishonored, Bethesda’s new game, being developed by Arkane Studios.

You play an assassin on his quest for revenge, and basically you get your revenge however you decide to. You can be a maniac going guns blazing, you can be a clean and efficient stealth assassin taking only the life of the target, or go anywhere in between. The game supplies you with various … [ Read More... ]

QUAKECON: Doom 4 Confirmed

Today during John Carmack’s keynote for QuakeCon 2012, he confirmed that Doom 4 is well underway and is id Software’s current focus. He also continued to say that after Doom 3 BFG Edition is released, the company will be dedicated to making Doom 4 the next “AAA title”. He also made a point of saying, much to his dismay, that id Software’s mobile development division has been closed to … [ Read More... ]