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Stan Lee’s Superhero iPhone Game “Verticus” Review

Stan Lee’s iOS gameVerticus” is out now and its quite good. In this game you play as a “superhero” called Verticus. He’s a superhero like Iron Man in that he wears a specialized suit to do his job. In this case, his job is to drop from the sky at high speeds, dodging The Obliterators until he gets to the core of Earth. The Obliterators are … [ Read More... ]

The iPhone Is Not Killing Portable Gaming Systems

At least not single handedly. There has been a bit chatter in the gaming industry that smart phones like the Apple iPhone are making it harder for dedicated portable gaming devices like the Sony Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS to be successful. As a consumer and observer of the gaming industry, I disagree. Below, I break it down into 3 major sections that seem to cause portable systems to fall … [ Read More... ]