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Rants: Forgot the PS Vita… WTF?


So they forget to show the PS Vita at E3, but they had time for Wonderbook….. Am I the only who thinks some heads should be rolling here? Then the other issue being that the Vita’s early line up does look a little weak, but I guess that is expected of a Sony system. Other issues the Vita will face in my not so humble opinion are … [ Read More... ]

E3 2012: Nintendo Announces the Wii U, Pro Controller and Online Service

Nintendo officially announced the Wii U at its pre E3 press conference… Below you can see what the official production model will look like.

Here is a list of the Wii U feature highlights:

  • Touchscreen
  • Physical game controller buttons and joysticks
  • NFC
  • IR controls for TV
  • Optional Pro controller
  • Online Service
  • Customizable avatars (Mii Wara Wara aka Miiverse)
  • User interactivity
  • Web browsing capabilities

As noted above, there will be a … [ Read More... ]

Way Past Cool: Tekken Advance (GBA)

Greetings one and all!







I’ve decided that this blog needs another new category of rants, one about just really cool games. Now I’m not talking about my favorite games per say, but just those ones that are awesome for being what they are. To kick it off, I chose Tekken Advance on the GBA. Yeah, Tekken, EVERYWHERE YOU GO!!!! Now this would … [ Read More... ]

COVER ART: Burt Reynolds VS The Wolfman (Intellivision)

Behold, for I am among you…

For this cover art segment, I’ve chosen a classic Nintendo game for the Intellivision, this game apparently had many cover arts. I present to you “Burt Reynolds Versus The Wolfman“.

Also known in some regions of Zimbabwe as Donkey Kong. Please comment if you can think of something just as funny (if not more so), to call this art.

Cheers,… [ Read More... ]