Merchandise Coming Soon!

We’re proud to announce that our glorious logo will be committed to tangible, real life merchandise!

Pretty soon you’ll be able to show your gamer credit with an awesome Baby Soft Murder Hands t-shirt and pin button!

Check out the progress on the t shirts…

The shirts and buttons will be available for sale on August 6th. They are silk screened, high quality 100% cotton t-shirts.

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WiiU: ZombiU, a possible system seller?


So who here likes to kill zombies? Yeah, I figured you might. Well then you should be as psyched as I am about the Ubisoft’s new zombie game called, ZombiU. This game is being released as a Wii U exclusive title. Ubisoft made quite a splash at E3 and are even being called the new EA or Activision as a major 3rd party game company, putting out AAA[ Read More... ]

Not So Retro Retro-Spective: Burnout 3: Just a Fun Game.

Burnout 3, was a game that wasn’t particularly spectacular, except in how fun it was and how well the game still holds up. Burnout 3, it wasn’t the most incredible game ever, it was just another Burnout sequel.. but damn it was fun. The other unique quality being how well its aged. Pop your PS2 in sometime and try her out, she doesn’t look too bad, and she certainly … [ Read More... ]

Japan Get’s All the Monster Hunter Fun

2013 will hopefully bring us Monster Hunter 4, which currently is slated for the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. This is hard news for US Monster Hunter fans, which Capcom is apparently ignoring. Furthermore, its interesting to see that there is no announcement of Monster Hunter 4 on Sony Playstation Vita, especially considering the series started on Playstation family hardware.

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