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Cheap Thrills: “Last Stand: Union City”

Hello you cheap sons-o-bitches,

We know as gamers, we love to play games. Unfortunately this means having to work, so that we have more money to buy more games. However, this cuts into our precious game time. So from now on, We’re going to be posting some fun free games to play, so that you can get your game on (kinda like a free tour), without having to kill your … [ Read More... ]

Rock paper scissors… GO!

Greetings my fellow spacenoids,

I have been messing around with java for about a month and have created a video game! Not a very amazing one, all in all the code for this one took me about an hour to write and debug. Its a simple command line game of rock, paper, scissors against a computer opponent. In my good nature I’ve decided to give it to you good people … [ Read More... ]

VGM Special 1: The Tracks

This is a collection of the songs we played in our first VGM podcast in January. Check out these great video game soundtracks below! We’ve also included the composers’ name below each track so you can find more music made by each composer.

Megaman III – Intro (SongeLeReveur Cover)

Original Composer: Yasuaki Fujita aka Bun Bun… [ Read More... ]

DOOM 4 Screenshots Leaked or RAGE 2 Screenshots Leaked! (High Res)

Check out these leaked screens from id Software‘s upcoming DOOM 4!
…or are they from RAGE 2?

Are they real?
No one knows for sure… but this is what we do know…

id Software has made no official statement on these DOOM 4 screens.

Even id Software founder John Carmack, who has been active on his Twitter account has made no mention of DOOM 4.… [ Read More... ]