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Co-Creator of Doom, Wolf3D & Commander Keen Tom Hall: MultiPlatform Game Creation Tool

Tom Hall Game Creation Tool Pieces of Fun Logo

Tom Hall has been in the game business for a while and although he’s not as well known as his former co-workers, he was equally important to the fun and character of early id Software games, most notably, Commander Keen & Wolfenstein 3D. He’s been working with his long time friend, John Romero, at Romero’s company Loot Drop. He recently started his own company, Pieces of Fun[ Read More... ]

Disney Interactive’s New Focus Is In-App Purchases

Disney Interactive Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive has officially announced the closure of Junction Point Studios. Junction Point, known for the hit Epic Mickey series, was established by veteran game designer Warren Spector in 2005 and acquired by Disney in 2007.  Spector, with a catalogue of game credits including Deus Ex and System Shock, left fans and family with a few parting words in an open letter on his Facebook account[ Read More... ]

Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy All The Bravest

Square Enix puts it this way, “A pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles! The Active Time Battle system is back with the largest parties in FINAL FANTASY history!” The latest game in the long running Final Fantasy series is called Final Fantasy All The Bravest and will allow you to fight in massive turn based battles. To some this may sound like torture, but to us, it looks pretty … [ Read More... ]

Stan Lee’s Superhero iPhone Game “Verticus” Review

Stan Lee’s iOS gameVerticus” is out now and its quite good. In this game you play as a “superhero” called Verticus. He’s a superhero like Iron Man in that he wears a specialized suit to do his job. In this case, his job is to drop from the sky at high speeds, dodging The Obliterators until he gets to the core of Earth. The Obliterators are … [ Read More... ]